Being kind to yourself

Why is Self-care so important?

Throughout my work as a therapist I have learnt the importance of self-care and how to implement self-care. Self-care is all about being kind to yourself which encompasses being as kind to yourself as you would to others. It is crucial especially if you have experienced a trauma such as losing a loved one, moving to a different area, divorce or losing your job.

For instance, you’re overwhelmed at work. You have a ton of projects piling up at home, and your calendar is packed with overdue tasks. To make room for all this stuff, you skip lunch, stop going to the gym, and forget about your social life entirely. When we’re stressed, self- care is usually the first thing to go. And that only makes things worse. Then moreover you may find that alcohol or cigarettes or drugs give you a temporary relief from your stress, and perhaps in time these relief strategies overtake.

Self-care isn’t important – it’s crucial. It can make a difference to your overall mental state and help you become more productive, reduce general negativity, and re-focus. We used to be told that the harder things are, the better the reward, but the thoughts of health professionals are changing.


How do you implement self-care?

• Make time to eat well and exercise, even if you are busy.

• Take more breaks and get more done

• Recognise stress and fatigue and process it.

• Do not take on more than you can cope with.

• Put time aside for yourself to pursue the things you enjoy

• Spend your money and time on things that matter to you.